Feminize hormones dating feminize hormones dating

Surprisingly enough, my slave Markie seems to also have enjoyed the transition from a successful and independent, young man into a servile, little wimp.

A wimp who is totally |independent, worships me and the very ground I walk on, and is also a very caring, loving “nanny” to my infant children.

It will help you avoid and resolve arguments, saving you hours of grief.

It will help you have better dates, cooler conversations and hotter sex.

Some of them can be a little scary to the uninitiated, but as you have expressed such a strong desire to realize your dreams I think we can make an exception in your case.

As you may or may not know, we possess techniques that are virtually unimaginable by the outside world.

doesn’t know that: when she meets you, you could be Jack Ryan, Jack Sparrow or Jack the Ripper. Even more terrifying is the fact that, over the course of her life, the biggest threats to her You need to understand how women evaluate your qualities and how they perceive the status, danger, opportunities and threats that you could present.

The better you learn to see these things from women’s points of view, the less unattractive you will be to them and the less confused, resentful and frustrated you will be by how they respond to you.

We have reached that level and can do almost anything we want to both mind and body.In other words, I wanted a traditional wife (a grateful and devoted mate) who would be, totally dependent on me for financial well-being, take care of all domestic chores, raise my children, and silently bear the constant humiliation of being cuckolded by a philandering spouse.Markie not only fit the bill for a mousy wife, but also presented additional exciting possibilities of even greater levels of dominance that are not possible with a traditional spouse.There are certain things that boys need psychologically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, that you as a woman will never be able to impart to them. Some single mothers ruin their sons by emasculating them. She has dressed him, cooked his meals, did his laundry, put a roof over his head, babied and spoiled him since birth and still does so… She has come to his rescue, fought his battles, spoken up for him, lied for him, blamed others for his sins and protected him from harm and still does so… She has bought his shoes and socks, paid his bills, bought his groceries and got him out of jail and other jams and still does so… In their strange and contorted mother-son relationship, neither of one them is willing cut their now grotesque umbilical cord. You will never understand or be able to help your son understand: Like most females, you will spend an eternity scratching your head trying to understand why men gravitate towards brute competition. By the way their mothers have raised them, these males have been indoctrinated to believe that women exist for the sole purpose of serving and taking care of men.

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