Seventh day adventist dating agency

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Capitol Hill encourages all people to pursue a lifelong joyous relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Fellowship groups you can build authentic relationships and pursue spiritual growth.

--Walter Sumner Canaan Maine I enjoyed reading “Must Love God: Adventists and Online Dating” (Feb. It was helpful in that it gave a sidebar with tips for navigating on-line dating sites.

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As usual, Clifford Goldstein hit the nail on the head with his article, “A Self-refuting Phrase” (Feb. I cannot imagine any logical arguments against his conclusions. All they have is the same thing creationists have: a bunch of rocks and fossils.

I question only one point: He gives evolutionists the benefit of “20 percent of hard-core empirical evidence.” Really? The rest is speculative interpretation based on faulty dating methods and wishful thinking.

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