Dating an accutron watch

I'm a 1-person shop and I don't waste time repairing other types of watches.

My singular watch focus is for Accutrons only and I have a one track mind for their repair.

If you would like to contact me directly about Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, or Astronaut Accutron Repair, please send an email to: If you're on a mission to discover Accutron Repair, Spaceview Repair, Accutrons for Sale, especially Accutron Spaceview or Accutron Astronaut watches, then you've come to the right place to choose from among the best.

I have many Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut watches available, including models not easily found elsewhere.

When Accutron 214 based watches were first released in 1960, they were truly ground breaking.By 1953, Hetzel received his first shipment of Raytheon CK722 transistors, and began constructing the first prototype of what would be known as the Accutron chronometric micro-powerplant, a new type of timekeeping mechanism with a tuning fork timebase.Raytheon CK718, a high performance bin of the consumer grade CK722 used to construct the first Accutron prototype.It's a story maybe better known within the Accutron enthusiast collector community than in general – perhaps aptly, for a tale so rooted in Cold War-era cloak-and-dagger secrecy.But when an aircraft called the A-12 first flew as part of a CIA "black aircraft" project, it was the most advanced in the world, and for its pilots, the CIA selected what was then the world's most advanced watch. Skunk Works was founded during World War II, initially to develop a first generation jet fighter aircraft, and in subsequent decades it has, in addition to the SR-71 and A-12, produced some of the most advanced aircraft of their respective generations, in the world.

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