Who is rufus sewell dating

“She came to our drama school for a chat and ended up directing us in a play.

She steered a couple of people towards me, one of whom was her agent, who then became my agent, and the other was Tim Pigott-Smith who gave me my first job, and I didn’t realise it was her doing for a long time.” While their paths have crossed over the years, he’s never had the opportunity to thank her.

Up until then, I tend to be ‘Oh, I’m just back from...

Dark curls, piercing eyes and chiselled features: Rufus Sewell’s face should be his fortune.

We’ve had plenty of opportunity to admire it over the years, from 1994’s Middlemarch – he was the Mr Darcy of his day – to Zen, last year’s stylish but short-lived detective series.

It was back in March 2008 that he completed the Broad­way run of Tom Stoppard’s Rock’n’Roll, having picked up Olivier, Critics’ Circle and Evening Standard awards during its eight-month run in London for his portrayal of the rock-music-loving Czech academic Jan (he was later also nominated for a Tony Award).

To Sewell, that period in his life had felt like a new beginning: before taking on the role in 2006, he had separated from his wife; he had also stopped drinking and smoking. When I meet him on a Friday at the end of November after his first week of rehearsals, Sewell, 45, is the image of ebullience.

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