Playfire trophy card not updating

updates are adding platinums/100% to a card which has already been created.) Design of the card: (Pick the card design name from the designs listed above.For updates, mention who made your card.) Background Colour/Image: (Specify the colour name as listed in the design samples above or feel free to request any other colour, samples are greatly appreciated (direct link), no guarantees we will make a vaguely described colour for you. ,a way to run emulators on a computer to unlock the trophy Prolific Creators, if you are interested, this is here (Sorry guys but i'm french ^^) : https://v=w7i9e DZIl XU It required some change, because basically an emulator is not detected by a local network, so you have to enable this option, which i have only find on this particular emulator.I did it all in one sitting in case that's important, and I started a whole new game rather than doing chapter select.I only looked at digital items such as newspapers, secret logs, and tablets.Please note: Currently the Playfire servers track your Steam activity, but tracking your Xbox Live and Play Station Network activity requires Playfire Vulcan.

Check out the following "experiments" with different troops. After the May 18 update, Fire Spirit's area damage has been increased by 25%. Attacking the Barbarians from the sideways, almost completely kill them. We don't see this card in many decks, but it's a promising card if used correctly. Attacking the Barbarians head-on, not completely kill them. But if you don't know anything about computer you can't do it by yourself.Luckily I have 6 devices.....unfortunately, its awful setting it up.

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