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(Don't talk to anyone who doesn't want to hear it.)And I'm untamed - I always talked to him.«•••Tarja looked up and right into his blue eyes. Yet another drama messes with the life of the young band Nightwish. Fanfiction]© 2016 by Rena Holopainen and Linn Barnelius.Situated on one of the thousands of lakes and near the border with Russia.It was on a summer-night in 1996, a camp-fire was burning, that was born.

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While Northaunt often gives one the feeling of being in the midst of a dark and desolate landscape, The Human Voice manages to manipulate the mind itself, pulling us through deeply melancholic and personal passages, reflecting the dark waters of a tortured soul. Read to find out what happened and what's going to happen after the truth comes out ...[T×T]Genres: Drama/Romance/Friendship [Alternative universe fanfiction about Tarja and Tuomas. Tuomas Holopainen is new at the university and first he has no idea what he even does here - until he falls in love with this wonderful, beautiful creature, who is no one else than his teacher ... A lonely man in a lonely spacecraft is enjoying music, beans and sunrise while he is waiting for his companions. She wanted him like the main character of her book wanted the man. While Tarja tries to deal with everything, Tuomas just wants her to understand that he loves her the way she is, no matter what. Her normally strict behavior changes when a new student messes with her head madly.It must be a similar feeling when you have a kid living with you for 18 years and then you have to let them go and leave home.You are proud that they are going to the world, but also feel a bit sad.

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