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My reviews on Japanese dramas, movies & music as well as anything to do with J-ent.From the ML to the forum and now to the blog version, here's hoping that this space will be a trusted source of information for all J-ent fanatics and a platform where we can come together and share our thoughts.The stakes are raised to the next level when he is entwined with psychopathic head honcho Eagle, leading to a harrowing journey of forced drug addiction and time bomb pyrotechnics in China’s bionic update of classic hyperbolic HK genre films.

July 15 PM Extraordinary Mission Alan Mak, Anthony Pun 2017 China DCP 120 minutes Actor Duan Yihong will be in attendance and will receive the NYAFF 2017 Star Asia Award Uber-cop Lin Kai (Huang Xuan) goes deep cover to take down a vicious drug cartel.

9 hours later at 5.20am, a taxi pulled up at the entrance of Sato's apartment building and 15 minutes later, Sato's agency car also arrived at the same venue.

Sato was seen boarding his agency's car in a big hurry and believed to be heading to his work venue.

July 1 PM Blood of Youth Yang Shupeng 2016 China 111 minutes North American Premiere • Director Yang Shupeng in attendance After three vibrant period films, one of China's least-known maverick directors—self-trained fireman-turned-filmmaker Yang Shupeng—makes his first contemporary film, a crime drama about a computer hacker who plays a cat-and-mouse game with police and criminals, pitting one against the other in the midst of a bank heist.

July 2 PM Duckweed Han Han 2017 China 101 minutes After a close encounter with a fast-moving train in 2022, arrogant rally driver Tailang (Deng Cha) is transported back to 1998 and enlisted into the gang led by his own father Zhengtai (Eddie Peng).

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