Fabolous dating

Rapper Fabolous copped longtime girlfriend Emily B.'s daughter Taina a BIG birthday present.

And she also spent it with birthday twin Christian Combs. Emily B.'s daughter has it made....a big new Benz on her 18th birthday.

I thought the implication was, ' Wish you were here.'""I am shocked," the reality star tells the camera.

The rapper is seen dancing, receving bottle service and posting snaps with Minaj.

The clip, which appears to be videos compiled of their date night together, also shows the Latina riding a motorbike, appearing to be playing a game.

"Couple things didn't ship in time for Xmas, but the ring bed was the main attraction, and he was beyond happy." "But expect more pics when the rest of the stuff comes in, 'cause his room gon' be lit.

We three matches in, and I'm exhausted, but his smiles are more than worth it," added Fabolous.

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