Who is miquita oliver dating

Miquita, best known for her work on Channel 4 and T4, has had to file for bankruptcy after failing to pay a tax bill of over £170,000.

A statement released from accountancy firm Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery read: ‘HMRC had petitioned for Miss Oliver to be declared bankrupt for unpaid taxes amounting to £174,514.47.

They are the leading schools named by Tatler in its first-ever state-schools guide last year — the publication of which demonstrated better than anything the blossoming love affair between the middle classes and state education.

Alastair Campbell’s oft-quoted claim that New Labour was consigning the “bog-standard comprehensive” to history may not apply universally quite yet, but the parents whose little ones won admission to these state-funded palaces of learning (one of which was attended by Campbell’s wife Fiona Millar in its previous incarnation as a grammar) will be the happiest Londoners around this week.

Lily Allen enjoyed a night out with pal Miquita Oliver at the Groucho in London last night.

And I’m really happy about that.” Born and bred in London, Oliver has been cooking all her life.

” And to cynics who might shout tokenism, she has this to say: “I know what I’m talking about.

I’m passionate about my subject, so I don’t think it is tokenism.

’” A playful name is surely reason enough for the event’s existence.

The billing promises, “two days, 20 DJs and 20,000 bagels”, each stuffed by head chef Owen Kenworthy, celebrated graduate of Brawn in E2, and his team with one of four fillings: salt beef and English mustard (“traditional Jewish fare”), egg mayonnaise, smoked aubergine and pepper, and Tanqueray-infused salmon and cream cheese (the gin brand is a partner for the event).

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