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Post-Baby Sex Life: I have an 11-month-old I’m still nursing but would like to put more effort into getting my sex life back on track. Lots of women who experience a generalized loss of desire find that once they are in the middle of making love they start thinking, “Oh, yeah, this is why I used to like doing this.” Doing it will be its own reward for you, your husband, and your marriage. Furious Fiancé: My state is finally allowing me to marry my boyfriend, and we are tying the knot this summer.

My husband has been very patient but he’s anxious to ramp things back up to where they were before (one to two times a week). A: Search around for “breast-feeding and libido” and you will see that you may indeed have identified a reason for your plunging sex drive. Everything looks wonderful except one thing—my fiancé is demanding that I cut off ties with my best friend. A: Your letter is an example of how paradoxical, complicated, and yes, hypocritical people can be.

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The problem is that I think the nursing hormones are killing my sex drive. You’re likely heading toward weaning in the next few months, so the biological aspect of this should start taking care of itself. I’ve known her since high school, and she has always been there for me. But she won’t come to our wedding because of her Christian faith. From his point of view, if someone disapproves of our love, why should we be friends with them? I understand why your fiancé would want to ban your friend.

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Ask him to understand the totality of your relationship and your hope that ultimately he and your dear friend will come to be friends, too. Cult Recruiting Our Daughter: Some cultists came to our door, and unfortunately our teenage daughter answered. I try to head them off, but sometimes she answers first, and talks to them.

They gave her a book, which I have seen her reading. Reading some insane cult literature is not tantamount to packing her bags and taking off.

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