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Although some nationalist feminists from the early 20th century to the present have concocted a view of ancient Armenian society and law as being woman-friendly, there is virtually no evidence for this assertion.

The law code of Mkhitar Gos, dating to the 12th century, sought to raise women's status from its former level, however the code explicitly enshrined male domination and forbade divorce, even in the case of domestic violence or marital rape.

The issue is still on the menu at next month’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which will be hosted by Unesco in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Armenia is not the only country Turkey has been at odds with over food in the past.

The plateau is bordered on the east by Iran, on the west by Asia Minor, on the north by the Transcaucasian plains, and on the south by the Mesopotamian plains.

The plateau consists of a complex set of mountain ranges, volcanic peaks, valleys, lakes, and rivers.

The Prime Minister of Armenia has announced his resignation following months of protests and clashes at a police station in the country's capital.

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Armenia depends heavily on aid and investment from Russia, whose economic downturn has hit exports and much-needed remittances from Armenians working there.Rumours of Mr Abrahamyan’s resignation had been circulating since local reports claimed he was to be replaced by Karen Karapetyan, the former mayor of Armenia’s capital and a Gazprom executive, on Wednesday.President Serge Sarkisian called for a “government of national accord” in August, following months of protests and violence culminating in a stand-off that killed two police officers earlier this year.Women in Armenia have been officially guaranteed gender equality since the establishment of the Republic of Armenia in 1991.This has enabled women to actively participate in all spheres of Armenian life.

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